Exclusive Area

In the exclusive area, important personalities, that have an outstanding professional experience, such as Professor Valeriu Ioan-Franc (Member of the Romanian Academy), Professors Elliot Sorel, John Stanton, Bernd Hallier, Léon F. Wegnez, Ambassador Daniel Leroy, Cosmonauts Dumitru Prunariu and Leonid Popov, Dr. Nicolae Albu, Ivan Patzaichin, multiple World and Olympic champion, Professors James K. McCollum, Nicholas Dima, Dumitru Miron, Costel Negricea, Ovidiu Folcut, William Perttula, Hans Zwaga, Matthew R. Lee, Mitsuhiro Shimmen, are present in a suite of photos from different important events that took place. Upcoming events will be reviewed and shortly posted.