As we all know, community matters! And especially our ZIMP community well-known by constantly taking a look at our community relations and regeneration, while reflecting upon the future of our five years old ZIMP journey, and right moving forward because it is this journey (giving us the chance of discovering the wisdom) that matters in the end. Just relax and realize this opportunity of continuing being the change agent according to this right way! And let’s continue to recognize all those who have contributed, including by remembering us that we live in a world where we care and history and historical narrative is always based on the experiences of time and space! Thank You for proving that right things are great when they happen, and for enjoying the blossom fruit of our ZIMP personalized and contextual experience!.


IVAN PATZAICHIN, Multiple World and Olympic Champion, the Romanian Kayak-Canoe Champion with the Broken Paddle…

Great people are characterized by their actions. IVAN PATZAICHIN respected and loved the water, he learned from the wisdom of the water as a force multiplier, he dreamed in the middle of the water, his entire soul being contained in dream moments.

He was patient like water, always going where he wanted to go, for his family, for his community, for his country, being a person of integrity who found his humanity in continuous effort, continuous improvement, and involving others in learning, creating opportunities for others to learn from each other.

It was an honor to meet a true legend, and legends never die. His beautiful soul is continuing his exemplary performance to inspire us and enrich other souls.